Funny Marathon Spectator Signs

funny marathon signs

Planning to cheer for marathon runners at an upcoming race? Get ideas for funny spectator signs to support the marathoners and give them a good laugh and distraction as they’re running.

free high fives sign

More funny quotes for marathon signs:

“This is easier than labor and delivery.”

“Chafe now, wine later.”

“You think running a marathon is hard, try waiting on you to finish!”

“Why do the cute ones always run away?!”

“No one made you do this!”

“You think you’re tired? My arms are holding this sign up!”

“Try not. Do or not do. There is no try.” (with a picture of Yoda)

“Pain now…beer later.”

“If a marathon was easy, it would be called your mother.”

“Where is everyone going?”

“I’m sure it seemed like a good idea 4 months ago.”

“I’m looking at your future profile picture!”

“You’ve done dumber things than this when you were drunk”

“My legs hurt just waiting for you.”

“You are beating everyone behind you!”

“Run now, poop later”

“You’re 26.2% crazy for doing this.”

“Where are you all going?”

“This would be much easier in a car”

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