What NOT to Say to Runners

marathon finishers
"So how long was THIS marathon?" is not something a marathon finisher wants to hear.

Once you’ve been running long enough, you’ll inevitably encounter some naysayers who don’t like, can’t appreciate or understand your running habit (or obsession).  Some of them will make comments that are ignorant, silly, just plain clueless, mean, and – yes — sometimes very entertaining.  To help non-runners avoid offending their running friends, here’s a list of comments that runners just don’t want to hear.

“Why are you so slow?”

“Why do you run?  It’s SO boring!”

“You run so much — why haven’t you lost weight?”

“Why didn’t you beat your time from last year?”

“You’re running another marathon? Why would you do that?”

“So when do you think you’ll qualify for Boston?”

“I get tired driving that far!”

“So how far is this marathon?”

“Running will ruin your knees!”

“Don’t you know people die running marathons?”

“Why would you pay that much just to run a race?”

“I thought runners were supposed to be skinny!”

“So did you win?”

“I tried running once – I hated it!”

“I didn’t think old people could run that far!”

“I did a marathon once – it was one of the 5K ones.”

(to a pregnant runner)  “Are you trying to have the baby while you’re running or something?”

“Who cares if you have a race tomorrow?  Just have a beer!”

Have you ever been shocked or offended by a comment made by a non-runner?  Share other comments you’ve heard here.

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