reasons to start running
Running Motivation

15 Reasons to Start Running

January 1, 2018 Christine Luff 0

Why run? That’s a good question to ponder if you’re thinking about getting started with running. Knowing WHY you want to run and being aware of all the benefits you’ll receive will help you stay […]


Audiobooks for Runners

November 12, 2017 Christine Luff 0

I used to resist the idea of listening to audiobooks while running, even though running friends had encouraged to give it a try. “But doesn’t listening to a book instead of reading it feel like […]

Giving & Gratitude

23 Acts of Kindness for Runners

September 29, 2017 Christine Luff 4

Extending kindness to someone, whether it’s a loved one or a total stranger, can be a heart-warming and satisfying experience for everyone involved. And, ideally, one act of kindness will lead to a chain reaction […]