Romantic Running Gifts

romantic running gifts

Shopping for runners is usually easy because we typically love practical running gifts. Just pop into any running shop and you can find a new article of clothing or snazzy running gear item that we’ll be excited to try out on our next run.

But Valentine’s Day does raise the bar on gifts a bit because — even among runners — there’s that underlying expectation that the gift be romantic or, at least, extremely thoughtful. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for your running sweetie, here are some romantic running gifts ideas that fit the bill:

1. Massage: Runners work hard, so they love to be pampered. And giving your runner a massage is a great way to help him recharge his batteries and prevent injuries. Look on Groupon or Living Social for deals at local massage places, or get a gift card for Spafinder Wellness 365, which can be used at more than 20,000 spa and wellness locations. If you’re on a tight budget, you could give your running sweetie a bottle of massage oil and a coupon for a back rub from you. And if they frequently suffer from sore and tight muscles, self-massage tools such as a foam roller or foot massagers are always gifts that keep on giving.

2. Pedicure: Another budget-friendly pampering idea is a gift certificate for a pedicure. And, yes, even men can benefit from (and enjoy) getting their toenails trimmed and feet rubbed by a professional. Or, if they’d rather pamper their feet at home, get them a relaxing lavender foot soak and a pedicure kit.

3. Gift basket of sports nutrition: Who doesn’t love chocolate and passion fruit-flavored sports nutrition? Here are some sport gels and bars that you can use to create a romantic gift basket or box for your sweetie (along with some of their other favorite gels and bar). Make sure you include some honey packets for your “honey.”

4. Trip to a cool running location: If your running sweetie likes surprises, how about planning a relaxing getaway to a location with scenic running routes? It could be as simple as an overnight stay at a spa, inn, or B&B near some great running trails. Check out some of the best trail running destinations in the U.S. for some inspiration. And you can never go wrong with a quick getaway to the beach or a vineyard.

5. Finisher’s keepsake: Maybe your significant other recently ran a big race but didn’t want to splurge on the pricey finish line photos. Go to the race website, order a photo, and put it in a really cool frame. Although many runners won’t order the official race photos, they would most likely appreciate the thoughtful gesture when someone else does it for them. Or, if you think your favorite runner would just prefer a way to display their collection of race memorabilia, get them one of these race medal and bib holders.

6. Runners’ jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry with running mottos or race distances are always appreciated. And don’t assume this gift idea is just for the ladies. Even if your man isn’t into wearing jewelry, you could get him marathon cuff links or a runner’s key ring.

7. Safety gear:  Telling your mate you want them to stay safe shows your love and concern. Give them some reflective gear or a cool headlamp if they sometimes run in low-light conditions. Personalized RoadID bracelets are also a smart safety gear item to wear while running.

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