Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!  I’m running the Big Sur Marathon in less than three weeks, so I need some serious motivation to get through my last tough week of training before I start tapering. Here’s what I’m hoping keeps me motivated this week:

1. This quote:

Yes, I can change the dialogue in my head from negative to positive. I have the power to lift my mood, reduce stress, and improve my energy. I can head out the door and go for a run.

2. Being grateful. We’ve been working on being more grateful in our house, and I’ve been making a practice of writing down things that I’m grateful for.  Running-wise, I’m thankful that I’ve made it through this marathon training season without an injury. Of my previous 11 marathons, I’ve had at least one injury that put a snag in my training. During my runs this week, I’m going to remember to fully appreciate and be grateful for my health and injury resistance. (I seriously hope I’m not jinxing myself here!)

3. Dogwood trees.  I did a long run yesterday morning and one of the highlights was running along this gorgeous row of dogwood trees next to a local reservoir. I know these blooms aren’t going to last too long, so I’m motivated to run past them and take in the sights and smells a few more times this week.


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