Half Marathon Spectator Sign Ideas

half marathon spectator signs

Half marathon runners love to read signs as they cover the 13.1-mile race distance. Here are some inspirational and humorous quotes for spectators’ signs:

  • WTF: Where’s The Finish?
  • You’re not a runner. You’re a half marathoner!
  • You thought they said RUM, didn’t you?
  • Most people won’t drive 13.1 miles today
  • Why do all the cute ones run away?
  • My hot wife is running 13.1 miles!
  • Don’t stop running! People are watching!
  • Warning!  Awesome sense of accomplishment ahead!
  • Tired legs are sexy!
  • You’re 13.1% crazy for doing this!
  • Run! 50% off gear if you make it under 2 hours!
  • 13.1 miles!  Because you’re only half crazy!
  • You’re a machine!
  • I only came to check you out as you run by!
  • $150 for a half marathon!  Smile – only $23.07 to go!
  • There’s only sweat between you and the finish line!
  • 13.1 reasons to brag!
  • Trust your training!
  • 13.1 and done!

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