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Runners’ Top Running Pet Peeves

January 19, 2017 Christine Luff 0

Running is supposed to be a stress-reducing activity, but every runner will tell you that there are certain things about running that gets their blood boiling. Here are some top running pet peeves, with suggestions […]

mud run

7 Tips for Mud Run Success

October 13, 2016 Christine Luff 0

If you’re looking to shake up your running routine, mud runs and obstacle course races are a fantastic way to get out of a running rut and a fun way to challenge yourself. Here are […]


Treat Ideas for Runners

May 24, 2016 Christine Luff 2

I like to think that I’m fairly motivated when it comes to running. I know that running makes me feel better, both mentally and physically, and thinking about my post-run self is usually sufficient motivation […]

running schedule

How to Find Time for Running

May 9, 2016 Christine Luff 3

When I first became a mom, I had a tough time balancing my new parenting responsibilities with work obligations and personal time. Going for a run seemed to be the first thing to get cut […]

runner with headphones

Workout Songs 2016

May 4, 2016 Christine Luff 0

If you like listening to music while working out, you probably get sick of the same songs over and over again. Here are some popular recent hits that are perfect for keeping you going during […]

hill running

How to Run Hills Like a Pro

April 27, 2016 Christine Luff 1

Whenever I start hill training with the runners I coach, I always hear lots of groans and grumbling. But after several workouts practicing hill running techniques, they start asking for more. Knowing how to run […]