manage anxiety

14 Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety

September 22, 2020 Christine Luff 0

Although running can be a stress-relieving activity, runners certainly aren’t immune from anxiety. And some running situations, such as races, can actually trigger anxiety. Like many people, I sometimes struggle with stress and anxiety. Over […]

running in the wind

7 Tips for Running in the Wind

September 10, 2020 Christine Luff 2

Whether it’s during a race or a training run, sometimes you have no choice but to run in windy conditions.  Here are some tips for running in the wind: Choose your direction strategically.  If you’re […]

Ways to Enjoy Fall Running

7 Ways to Enjoy Fall Running

September 3, 2020 Christine Luff 0

Fall has been my favorite season to run ever since I ran on my middle school cross-country team. As the temperatures drop and I smell the familiar scents of autumn, I’m reminded of how much […]

How to Prevent Chafing
Half Marathons & Marathons

Mind Games for Long Runs and Races

September 1, 2020 Christine Luff 0

The mental challenge of long runs and races can be just as tough (if not more difficult) as the physical demands of the distance. Here are some mind games for long runs and races that […]

Golden Rules of Running

21 Golden Rules of Running

July 19, 2020 Christine Luff 0

Whether you’re new to running or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to review some tried-and-true running advice to try and avoid making common running mistakes. Here are some of the golden […]