running in the rain

Tips for Racing in the Rain

November 3, 2017 Christine Luff 1

Most races are not cancelled due to rain, and many runners worry about what to do if it rains on race day. It’s definitely helpful to do some training runs in the rain, so you’re […]

marathon runners

Marathon Running Quotes

October 31, 2017 Christine Luff 3

Running or watching a marathon is incredibly inspiring and moving, and it’s tough to put the feelings you experience into words. Here are some of the best marathon running quotes. 1. “Running 26 miles is […]

beginner marathon schedule
Half Marathons & Marathons

Beginner Marathon Training Schedule

October 30, 2017 Christine Luff 0

This 20-week marathon training program is designed to help you run/walk to the finish line of your marathon (26.2 miles). To start this plan, you should have been run/walking for at least six months and […]