Audiobooks for Runners

November 12, 2017 Christine Luff 0

I used to resist the idea of listening to audiobooks while running, even though running friends had encouraged to give it a try. “But doesn’t listening to a book instead of reading it feel like […]

marathon runners

Marathon Running Quotes

October 31, 2017 Christine Luff 3

Running or watching a marathon is incredibly inspiring and moving, and it’s tough to put the feelings you experience into words. Here are some of the best marathon running quotes. 1. “Running 26 miles is […]

Giving & Gratitude

23 Acts of Kindness for Runners

September 29, 2017 Christine Luff 4

Extending kindness to someone, whether it’s a loved one or a total stranger, can be a heart-warming and satisfying experience for everyone involved. And, ideally, one act of kindness will lead to a chain reaction […]

Good Stuff

9 Recommended Parenting Books

August 17, 2017 Christine Luff 1

I’m a big fan of listening to audiobooks when I’m running and lately I’ve been on a parenting book kick. I love learning about the latest research about kids and parenting, reading advice from experts, […]

Running Humor

Funny Running Quotes

June 2, 2017 Christine Luff 1

Who doesn’t love a good joke or funny quote about running? Runners love laughing at themselves, right? Get some laughs from these funny running quotes, inspired by spectator signs, runners’ T-shirts, and running memes. “Running […]

friendly runners

How to Be a Friendly Runner

February 28, 2017 Christine Luff 0

After completing my long run this weekend, I stopped in a deli to grab a sports drink and bagel. Spotting my running attire, a runner behind me in line asked me how many miles I […]

running quotes

Inspiring Running Quotes

February 26, 2017 Christine Luff 5

Running quotes can be powerful motivation for runners, whether they’re just getting started with running, training for a big race, or in the middle of a marathon. Here are some of my favorite motivational running […]