Hi!  I’m Christine and I’m a running coach, avid runner, trainer, nutrition specialist, and health and fitness writer. I’ve been running now for 30+ years, have run 13 full marathons and countless other races, coached thousands of runners, and I’ve experienced so many good things from running. It has inspired me to reach goals I never thought possible and has helped me discover physical and mental strength that I didn’t know I had. As a running coach of adults and young kids, some of my happiest and most satisfying running moments have been watching new runners triumphantly cross their first finish lines.

My positive experiences with running have inspired me to pay it forward and help others feel all the joy and positive benefits of running. Through my writing and coaching services, I want to help you develop a life-long, healthy running habit and be inspired to Run for Good.

I’m always looking to connect with other runners and hear about your running and all the good stuff in your life. Join the conversation in the blog comments section and on Facebook. Exchange ideas and information on Pinterest, and feel free to contact me using the form below.

Keep running,

About Christine Luff
Christine is a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified running coach and has been coaching runners since 2003. Christine is also the running expert for verywell.com, and is certified as a personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist by the American Council on Exercise.