first race tips

10 Race Tips for New Runners

February 14, 2018 Christine Luff 1

The days and morning before a race can be filled with anxiety, even if you’ve raced before. Here are some tips to help you feel more ready and confident on race day. 1. Get your […]


Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workouts

February 7, 2018 Christine Luff 0

Treadmill running doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous.  Here are some fun treadmill workouts that take your routine off autopilot and may actually make you look forward to your treadmill runs. 1. Hill Workout […]

beginner runners
Running Basics

When Does Running Get Easier?

February 3, 2018 Christine Luff 3

When they first get started with running, many beginner runners have a hard time getting adjusted to their new form of exercise. Since new runners struggle for different reasons, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to […]

romantic running gifts
Running Gear

Romantic Running Gifts

February 2, 2018 Christine Luff 0

Shopping for runners is usually easy because we typically love practical running gifts. Just pop into any running shop and you can find a new article of clothing or snazzy running gear item that we’ll […]

bowl of chips
Nutrition & Weight Loss

9 Tips for Portion Control

February 2, 2018 Christine Luff 3

After my long runs, I often find myself dealing with a case of the “rungries” – a run-induced feeling of insatiable hunger that makes me want to devour everything in sight. When eating out with […]