first race tips

10 Race Tips for New Runners

October 3, 2017 Christine Luff 1

The days and morning before a race can be filled with anxiety, even if you’ve raced before. Here are some tips to help you feel more ready and confident on race day. 1. Get your […]

5K race
Training Schedules

5K Beginner Training Schedule

October 2, 2017 Christine Luff 1

This six-week 5K beginner training schedule is designed for run/walkers who want to build up their endurance to running a 5K (3.1 miles). This training schedule is a run/walk to continuous running program. Each week, […]

Favorite Running Gear

Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

October 2, 2017 Christine Luff 3

I love talking to other runners about their best running gear. As runners, we get so passionate about our tried-and-true favorites. We’ve all experienced disappointment and frustration when we forget our watch or our favorite […]