Treat Ideas for Runners

May 24, 2016 Christine Luff 2

I like to think that I’m fairly motivated when it comes to running. I know that running makes me feel better, both mentally and physically, and thinking about my post-run self is usually sufficient motivation […]

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Good Stuff

Good Stuff Friday

May 13, 2016 Christine Luff 0

I hope your week has been full of inspiration and good stuff! Here are 3 good things that inspired me this week: 1. This book: Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking […]

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Running Gear

How to Dress Like a Runner

May 12, 2016 Christine Luff 0

I started running as a kid in the 80s before hi-tech fabrics and fancy running shoes were all the rage. I typically ran in cotton T-shirts and shorts, cotton socks, and a pair of beat-up […]


How to Find Time for Running

May 9, 2016 Christine Luff 3

When I first became a mom, I had a tough time balancing my new parenting responsibilities with work obligations and personal time. Going for a run seemed to be the first thing to get cut […]

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Workout Songs 2016

May 4, 2016 Christine Luff 0

If you like listening to music while working out, you probably get sick of the same songs over and over again. Here are some popular recent hits that are perfect for keeping you going during […]