hill running

How to Run Hills Like a Pro

April 27, 2016 Christine Luff 1

Whenever I start hill training with the runners I coach, I always hear lots of groans and grumbling. But after several workouts practicing hill running techniques, they start asking for more. Knowing how to run […]

trail running

Run on Mondays

April 18, 2016 Christine Luff 2

When I’m planning out my weekly workouts, I always try to make sure I get a run or workout in on Monday. Why Mondays? Starting out the week with a run sets the tone and […]

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Good Stuff

Good Stuff Friday

April 15, 2016 Christine Luff 0

Whether I’m on a long run with running buddies, eating dinner with family, or having drinks with girlfriends, I love exchanging ideas and hearing about what’s inspiring them. Here are 4 good things that inspired […]

marathon runners

Learn From My Running Mistakes

April 8, 2016 Christine Luff 3

When I first started long distance running, I learned a lot through trial and error (big emphasis on the error part). To help other runners avoid learning similar painful lessons the hard way, here are […]

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Monday Motivation

April 4, 2016 Christine Luff 0

Happy Monday!  I’m running the Big Sur Marathon in less than three weeks, so I need some serious motivation to get through my last tough week of training before I start tapering. Here’s what I’m […]