men running in race

The Power of Running Mantras

March 30, 2016 Christine Luff 3

A runner who I coached several years ago is a cancer survivor and was determined to get back to running after he finished his treatment. Having lost a lot of fitness and muscle tone, he […]

runners in race

The Power of Positive Thinking

March 21, 2016 Christine Luff 1

A couple of summers ago, I was training two women, who were longtime friends, for a marathon. They were both beginner runners, but one woman was a total Negative Nelly and kept focusing on the […]

runners in marathon

3 Good Reasons to Run

March 17, 2016 Christine Luff 0

When I’m running, I have plenty of time to think about WHY I run. The reasons can be very specific (i.e., “I just ate a row of Girl Scout cookies and need to burn them […]