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Quotes to Inspire a Running Habit

Running Motivation
July 15, 2017 0

If you’re trying to establish a running habit, you may be looking for some motivation to stick with it. Get inspired with these running quotes from professional runners and other famous people. “The advice I […]

Gearing Up For Summer Running

Running Gear
June 13, 2017 2

As I was cleaning out my running bag the other day, I looked at the temperature on my phone (92 degrees!) and realized that it was probably safe to pull out my winter gloves and […]

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10 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

Running Motivation
June 7, 2017 1

Happy Global Running Day! Although many of us don’t need a special day as an excuse to run, it’s still fun and exciting to see the sport of running in the spotlight and get its […]

Curse Your Way to Faster Runs

Running Motivation
June 6, 2017 0

If you’re stuck at a performance plateau, did you ever think it’s because you’re not getting mad enough? Some research shows that channeling your frustration and anger – maybe even dropping a few choice four-letter […]


Funny Running Quotes

Running Humor
June 2, 2017 1

Who doesn’t love a good joke or funny quote about running? Get some laughs from these funny running quotes, inspired by spectator signs, runners’ T-shirts, and running memes. “Running is a like a cup of […]

Favorite Running Gear
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Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

February 9, 2017 0

I love talking to other runners about their best running gear. As runners, we get so passionate about our tried-and-true favorites. We’ve all experienced disappointment and frustration when we forget our watch or our favorite […]