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7 Ideas for Running Resolutions

December 9, 2017 0

Looking for a new challenge for 2018?  Here are some ideas for running-related goals that will keep you motivated all year long. 1. Set a new PR. Trying to beat your personal record at a […]

running gifts for women

Running Gifts for Women

Running Gear
November 21, 2017 3

If you have a woman in your life who loves to run, check out this list of running items for some fantastic gift ideas. (Or you may find a special treat for yourself!) SPIBelt Running […]

how to handle a bad run

What to Do When You’re Having a Bad Run

October 4, 2017 0

I recently got an email from a runner I coach with the following question: “I had a disastrous speed workout last week and ended up quitting halfway through it when I wasn’t hitting my time […]